What Is Faith? What Is Happiness?

Tippi Degre, a French Women from Africa - We Get Emotional Seeing This And We Love Her For That!

Probably most of us who have access to any kind of media read about Tippi and her adventures in Africa. After being born in Namibia 23 years ago, she traveled to different places with her parents photographers. She made friends everywhere she went without caring what species or race they were.

We look at these stunning pictures with amazement. There aren't a lot of short inspirational stories like this one, and that is why it is so special and touching.

By watching little Tippi in action we could learn a lot. For example she takes her insouciance to any situation she finds herself in.

What is our true nature? Is it what they teach us in school? Is it our nationality, religion and believes that we inherited from our parents? And if we were to find our true nature would we find peace within ourselves and other species living on this planet?

I guess we can see clearly what happened to most of us on this planet. The way to happiness is obviously not determined by the place where we live, by the richness of our family or any other similar concept. This has been proved many times by many different people. So, why do we still search for happiness when it is clearly and obviously lying within us.

Would you be happy living in Africa? Do you find those thin people living there happy? No TV, laptop, comfortable couch, proper toilet, schooling... Well, if you think you wouldn't why is then Tippi having a blast riding on elephants? Putting her arms in that cat's mouth or teasing the snake?

It seems we are all emotional seeing this, and we love Tippi for doing that, and for making us see if she could do that we may be able to do it to. It is kind of liberating to see it. That is the reason Tappi's book about her life in Africa is a best-seller.

It is because the nature is the healthiest, widest and the most interesting playground there is. And it is because we, who admire Tippi, are all young in our hearts.

In the end, what is there not to like; clean air, huge space, sun, plants (as food), different species to make it fun. This combination gives us that good feeling and freedom that we all need.TIPPI


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