The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

The Pursuit of happyness
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Imdb rating:7.9/10
Sometimes life is very persistent to give you hard time, and after that even harder time. This movie is like that. Will Smith plays a character that is bombarded with one bad luck after another but he seems to swallow it all and he just simply moves on trying to find better life.

About The Pursuit Of Happiness

Movie tells a story about a life of a salesman that takes custody after his son. Through the movie we see his struggles to make descent living for him and his son, and not giving up ever.

Inspirational message

This is an interesting movie to watch, in a sense it really shoes you what persistence is. What never giving up means. For this main character in this movie even the toughest time couldn't brake him down till that point when it starts becoming a little unrealistic. Because most of the people would give up on hoping and thinking positively but he just kept and kept. In some point for me as a viewer I even gave up on his luck. In some points story for this guy just keeps being so desperate and you truly cannot see the better days.

If you ever had a period in your life when nothing is going in the direction you wish then you need to see how this guy handles it.

The Law of the universe says that what you focus on you get. If you focus mostly on what is wrong in your life that is what you get more of. If you focus on what you have and even if it is just little things, and if you approach it with a sense of honest gratitude your gonna get more of that.

Most of us blame other for our relationship with them. We somehow use to find the flaw in them and we judge it sometimes so eagerly. We say this guy in my workplace, he teases me all the time and I don' t know how to stop it. By only following this law, to focus on what you want more of in your life, and just by doing that you could change his behavior. By thinking of that bully's good characteristics and focusing on good parts, when he is around you he'll be only that.

But if you want more bullying keep focusing on that how he hurt you and you're a victim and the bully is bad.  With taking full responsibility we are saying; OK I draw this experience in my life somehow. Let's see what we want and then we focus on that.

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