The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix
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Imdb rating: 8.7/10
In the Matrix movie we all learn about the true nature of our reality which is that nothing is real in terms we perceive it with our five senses. You are going to see and learn much more than that. This is definitely a "wake up" movie and worth watching very often.

About The Matrix; Keanu Reeves

The Matrix movie tells a story about a  hacker who found that his reality is not actually real and he rebels against it and against those who control it.

Inspirational message

What is about these kind of movies that hold our attention right till the last moment of the movie? Maybe that we subconsciously know that really another worlds exist behind the curtains of our „reality“. Maybe we just forgot about it when we entered this reality and we are eager to rediscover those worlds all over again. To spread our consistence into other dimensions and to live on even more plains than we do now.

Yet we live in a world with tons of limitations. I think that we chose to enter  in this world the same way we choose the level of the computer game we wish to play. And while some of us move forward in the game others stay stuck at the same level not being able to  figure out how to pass some barrier.

By now most of us are aware of the fact that our eyes only perceive electromagnetic spectrum light and not even the whole thing of it but 0,05% of it. So we can only imagine what is it that we do not see and we may be looking directly at it. Some species on our planet see other light spectrum  that we cannot see. For example eagles have night vision.  But there are some people that claim that we also have night vision if we knew how to use it. Some people on our planet use it, and mostly the ones living in nature without light bulbs. Our eyes have adopted to light bulbs and our need to see in the dark vanished with them.

So lot of people still live by the „seeing is believing“ theory. Lot of people try to use the Law of Attraction to manifest their desires and they do not manifest it most of the time. Why? Well if we take under consideration that we do not see lots of things due to our eyes being able to see only portion of what is actually there we can conclude why the law of attraction doesn't work for many people.

So, the Law of Attraction states, act as like you already have it and you will manifest it in your reality. And then we imagine it and we imagine it like we have it. So in the light or vibration that we cannot see it is already there because we put it there with our imagination, and all it needs is to do is to be manifested in our reality. And because we are not seeing it in our reality we mostly think we are fooling ourselves, that it doesn't work and we do not take our imagination seriously. Than the law of attraction is pulling  it away and giving us what we actually feel, and if we feel that we do not actually own it than we got that.

If we could understand that when we imagine it it really is there in the vibration and needs time to manifest in our reality we would have what we want every time, because it has to be like that. So for the next time say to yourself, it is there, it really exists in the vibration and it's waiting to manifest in your reality. Believe it and don't have the urge you need to see it. Just believe it because it is there, you have put it into vibratory realms.

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