The Lone Ranger(2013)

The Lone Ranger Movie
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Imdb rating: 6.6/10
The Lone Ranger is a pretty interesting and funny movie and pretty criticized for very unimportant reasons. It is really funny, and some scenes you will screaming with laughter. It shows that we take some situations in our life too seriously. Our problems simply aren't so serious and as soon as we realize the better.

About The Lone Ranger

In the end we all die, we all leave this world, and the only important thing is to do before that is that what you feel right doing it. Native American and a man of law John Reid fight for justice. There are some interesting supernatural elements incorporated leaving us wit the thought that maybe what we know its not all there is and we should keep our mind open.

Inspirational message

The thing that is really interesting in this particular movie is that it got some bad criticism right after it came to the cinemas? Well for me mostly are the leading actors, great quality of the picture, interesting story what gets me into the movie. And this movie got me into it. Johnny Deep chooses his characters very smartly.  Inside himself he knows how to recognize that click that happens or doesn't happen while he reads the script.

He has funny side that he gives to all of his characters.

Because of that this movie is very funny, both of the leading characters are extremely interesting and humoristic.

For me these kind of movies always wake up that side of me that gets that life isn't serious at all. It empties my head from heavy thoughts and it gives me this good vibes. With that good vibes we all can do some pretty good things during our day.

This is why I recommend to watch this movie.

Why are the leading actors so interesting? In my opinion people love to watch, socialize and compare themselves with people that have generally positive overview of the world and their lives. Who are funny and simple enough so you do not have the need to pretend to be something you are not around them.  Who live their life and who let others live their own lives by not judging or expecting. Who are playful and love their life.

All of us like to be around these kind of people. They do not need to preach to us anything about good living, we see it in their examples.

And we all have these kind of people in our lives. Just think of your neighbor or friend or family member. Those kind of people are probably judged by masses because they tend to show different kind of living habits then others. Or they do not work for companies but for themselves, or they do not want to have anything to do with the current western system, they tend not to get married or have children, they are interested in spirituality....and so on.  That is why they are judged by masses, because they brake the patterns others placed on them.

But I believe they are free and happy. My advice is to surround yourself with these kind of people and let their energy and influence flood you. Enjoy the movie.

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