The Bridges Of Madison County(1995)

The Bridges Of Madison County
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Imdb rating: 7.4/10
We all know energy in body is what makes us interesting and irresistible. Eastwood and Streep's energy makes this whole movie. They take their "forbidden love" and make it OK. Their passion is so beautiful it would be a sin if they ignored it.

About The Bridges Of Madison County

While watching this movie you will get sense of artistic shabby chic motion and picture quality. It all contributed to romance between a photographer Robert Kincaid and housewife Francesca Johnson, for four days in the 1960s.

Inspirational message

Sometimes we have habit of commenting other people lives in a bad manner. We tend to pick where is not our place to pick.

In the movie we'll se the things are not as they seem to us at first. We are free to comment things like we see them in surface and in general terms, but that is not what it is. Those comments will be nothing but our story that probably isn't the whole story, and if we knew the true and whole story we would be ashamed of commenting it in the first place.

By violating other people doings and choices we stop ourselves to take some different choices. Have you noticed that people who really live life on their own terms do not comment such things. That is because they do not want anyone to comment theirs.  That is because they know themselves and are not under the „laws“ of majority of the people. So they know to violate those „laws“ and they know they will be scrutinized and judged.

Those people who are busy with following the „rules“ do not live life they want. They are cowards and prisoners of their own mind.  And it is their own choice and people who do not judge are OK with their choice and just keep living their own life without ever looking back on them.

The story from the movie, for that  time and that way of thinking very scandalous. Robert told Franchesca: And don't kid yourself Francesca your anything but a simple woman.“ That meant she was above the fear and guilt that were eating her for wanted to be with Robert.  In the end  „safety“  won over Robert.

But if we think of that we really have this chance to live our life fully and truly sincere with ourselves and others we should be prepared to be judged. But we must also know we are the light and by our own example other get the permission to act the same. And in the end that happened to her children after they red her story with Robert.

We could discuss about the word appreciation. It is what we are supposed to do without life. We can only truly appreciate others if we do in any situation what we really want to do, even if that means we want to compromise.

This is a nice and very inspirational movie on how to appreciate what God gives you in the moment and to take action despite your fears and guilt if your intentions are what feels right at the moment.

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