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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was public piano player from young age. He hosted many European cities. His life story is one of the most inspiring stories.

His father decided to market him as a child prodigy. This is because he learned how to read music before he could read letters.

In his early age Mozart loved to play with simple notes by turning them into beautiful sounds.

At the age of 6 Mozart wrote his firs composition.

While Mozart and his family were on the tour they often got very sick, as their only ride were horses. Also at first they didn't get paid for a while. But at the other side this was great for little Mozart as he was exposed to other composers.

Mozart Played at Concerts and Composed Operas

His first job was as a composer as a court musician for the Prince. He was 17 years old then. After that he moved to Paris, but they didn't think much of him there so he moved to Vienna. It was a different story over there because they loved his music and he even played for the emperor.

There he organized concerts for himself and played for lot of people. These concerts were very popular, and so was he. After concerts he started to write operas, and his most famous one was The Marriage of Figaro.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was one of the most influential and popular composers of the classical period. In total he composed over 600 works.

His music was everything to him. Even today his compositions can easily touch human emotions.

He died at very young age of 35. Nobody knew what he died from. He was a very short man who liked to dress nicely. He worked where ever he went. He made sketches in the halls, dinners everywhere.

Mozart Birth-House  is now a museum, and there's also a separate Mozart museum in Salzburg which is well worth visiting. There you can see Mozart's actual pianos and original handwritten scores.

Buy audio of Mozart's life work here.

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