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Mother Teresa Spoke Five Languages

She was always saying that those poor people gave her more than she gave them. When they would say thank you to her, she felt rich having their sincere gratitude.
Today Mother Teresa's deeds and legacy of comfort  towards those in need are motivation for thousands of men and women to follow her steps.

Because she could speak 5 languages (English, Albanian, Serbo-Croat, Bengali, and Hindi.) she was always able to communicate with people.

She Was Teaching Children How To write on The Dirt With the Stick

One of her first project was teaching poor children how to read.

Because they had no paper, she thought them letters writing in the dirt on the ground, with the sticks.

Lot of families needed basic teaching in hygiene, so she visited them and helped them with hygiene needs.

mother teresa

Not long after she started to have volunteers that helped her taking care of poor and sick, the world started to talk about her and her deeds. She opened a hospice for the poor, a home for sufferers of leprosy, and a home for orphans and homeless youths. She spent most of her years working in India, Calcutta. There she set up headquarters of her missionary sisters. Maria Teresa died at 87 years of age. She worked all the time with very little sleep. She laboured hard physically and was exposed to illness very often.

At the time she died , she had 123 Missionary countries she was working at, 3914 sisters and 594 communities across the world that took care of the poor.

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