Limitless (2011)

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Imdb rating: 7.4/10
What would it be like if we used 100% of our brains? Limitless? Is it only possible in a movie or there is some way to activate our full capacity right now in a real life? And if it is are there any consequences and why don't we know how to do this?

About Limitless

Limitless movie tells a story about a life of a writer that has really hard time finding the inspiration and motivation to write. He is practically without money, living in a messy, old apartment. Nothing seems to be going right for him and then he discovers a pill that alters his mind and makes him a communication master and financial guru.

inspirational message

Really take your time and think what would you do if you had a pill that can make you do all things you want to do. Why would you think about it? Well...keep reading and find out.

Scientist say we use only 10% of our brains. More correctly and what we now realize that we are using 100% of our brains so that it seems like we use 10%. So we are using 100%. In the movie we have a mysterious pill and after you take it you become super smart.

You remember everything you red before, you can study anything in a short time, you can make yourself be in few places at the same time, your inspiration never ends....anything you wish it's yours.

Let's imagine we have something like that and we take it daily to be our best selves. Think really hard what would you do with that power?

The things you are thinking about right now can say a lot about you. If you are thinking material things...well soon you'll become bored of them. And that's OK because we should experience them. In the end it seemsĀ  if you ain't searching for spiritual realm you will have limits, simply because we live in a world of limitations.

Again we see that if you knew what was going to happen in advance in your own life and if you had super powers to solve your problems...well, let's just say that life wouldn't be as exciting as it is now.

I ask myself a lot of times what would I do and where would I bee if I had all the money in the answer is that I would feel free then. But would I really, because as I think about it I would probably worry how to handle that money because that is just the way I am. And this always shows me money isn't problem why I am worried.

Once I read if we can be happy right now we have it all. And it is because right now is only thing we actually have. Also happiness is why we are doing what we are doing. We all just want to be accepted as we are and loved. That is the only thing that makes all of us truly happy and fulfilled.

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