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If you wish to know how Leonardo Da Vincichanged the world, read this inspiring story about him. The picture of him is his self portrait.

Of course you know he was artist. Painter to be more specific. Well, if I told you he drew a model of helicopter,that he drew parachutes,tanks etc. what would you say?

His great legacy are his paintings, but also his notebooks full of sketches of  helicopters, human anatomy and similar things. He even wanted to build flying object himself.

6000 Pages Of Da Vinci's Notes Written Backwards

There are still left 6000pages of his notebooks. In every one of them he wrote backwards. So if you were meant to read them it is easiest to put them facing the mirror.

All those sketches that he drew on paper became reality many years later. While he was studying human anatomy he did anatomical dissections which was considered to be a heresy back then. Leonardo dug into graveyards at night to steal corpses. Because of that he ended in court that banded him further research.

Even though he kept studying human and animal anatomy, the flight of birds, waves, motions in the air.

Da Vinci's picture and proportions of a perfect man of ideal proportions is described with geometry.

Leonardo is one the world’s immortal thinkers, artists and philosophers.

Other side of the story is that he was a dyslexic and procrastinating perfectionist who left many paintings unfinished and destroyed most of his work.

He created many works of arts. The most famous  is picture of "Mona Lisa". The Mona Lisa is one of the worlds most famous and intriguing pictures.


The Mona Lisa is a portrait of a wife of a Florentine noble. For several days she came to Leonardo and sat for her portrait to be painted. However she refused to smile, Leonardo even tried hiring musicians but to no avail.

One day just for a fleeting second she gave a faint smile and Leonardo was able to capture it. Her smile encapsulates a tremendous mysteriousness which is both fascinating and intriguing. It took 10 years to finish painting her smile.

These arts are amazing as they look very life like.

Leonardo faced many challenges, and kept all info about them in his notebooks.

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