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Isaac Newton was born on a Christmas day. Due to that he was prematurely born the doctors predicted he would not survive. Happily he made it.

In Newton's teenage years his mother wanted to make a farmer out of him. She arranged it all and pulled him out of school. He was such a bad farmer that his uncle managed to talked his mother out of that idea.So Newton instead went to school an Cambridge. He pursued math, physics and science.

Isaac Newton's Most Famous Discovery. And Then There Was An Apple...

His accomplishments set the foundation for modern physic. He was the first one to discover the relationship between external force and motion. Today he is best known for his three books and establishing three laws of gravity.

He came up with his theory of gravity while looking at an apple tree outside his window. Well at least that is how one of the story goes. He saw an apple fall from the tree and he investigated the cause behind it. He needed to know why the apple fell towards ground and did not go towards space?

So, his famous law of gravity was born and the mathematics formula for his discovery for the bodies on Earth, but also for the bodies in motion in the space.

Newton explained that the force of gravity on Earth is the same force that organizes the motions of the moon around the Earth and the Earth and all the planets around the sun. As simple as it is lot of people have the hard time explaining how heavenly bodies can stay in motion in the seemingly empty space.

So if you are wondering who explained how the universe works, here is your guy.

He explained it through his mathematics formulas.


Newton understood that gravity was the force of attraction between two objects. He also understood that an object with more mass pulled smaller object toward it. That meant that the large mass of the earth pulled objects toward it.

That is why the apple fell down instead of up, and why people don’t float in the air. Here is an interesting fact. 50 years before Isaac was born there was a belief that the planets were held in place by an invisible shield.

Still wondering how planets stay in their orbit?

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