Flipped Movie
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Imdb rating: 7.6/10
If you identify with the role of the lead female character in the Flipped movie you will dive into your divine side filled with sense of purpose. If you identify with the leading mail character you will find yourself struggling between your wishes and "what will other people say" mentality.

About Flipped

Movie Flipped presents a story about a boy who moves in with his family into a new home where he meets a girl that kind of complicates his "perfect" life. She falls in love with him from the day he accidentally grabbed her hand. The story goes into two ways; first we see a story that is told by boy's reckoning and after that she tells the same one by her reckoning.

Inspirational Message

Movie „Flipped“ clearly shows how we all differently interpret same events. The same stories are different from different point of view. Having this in mind we can easily conclude that one's perception is the thing that makes the same story seem differently.

It seems that we know this and accept it but we don't really understand it. If we did understand it there would be no fights as each opinion would be taken with respect having  different perceptions in mind. But whose opinion would be the right one then?

Well, I guess for every person his own opinion is the most right and the best. Each person should be living by their own opinions and not other ones. At least I found this to be the truth for me in my life, and I saw that others around me liked this idea too.

Regarding the story form the movie, even we, the viewers of this move, can notice how we have different thoughts when they first show us the boy's story and we agree and understand his feelings and then they show us the girls way of perceiving the same events and then we kind of understand why she did some things. But while we were watching the boy's version, maybe we didn't liked the girl too much and thought of her as a little pushy.

This shows that it is not what you see but it is how you perceive it. The things that happen to us, we can perceive as good or bad. But before I never thought to see them as neutral first and then try to take out of them only the things that are good for me, and always there are such things. Even in the most morbid situations we can think of something that was good for us in it  to see, hear or experience, right?

This movie successfully explains how you can specifically find and follow your true own voice, that is only characteristic for you. Also it shows that you may not be understood or supported by your colleges, but it is who you are and trust it till the end.

We often sense bad connection with some people and we play it safe by pretending and really trying to like them. We try to explain to ourselves that they mean only good to us and that we are imagining those feelings that are telling us to be careful. It doesn't matter who they are if they give you bad vibes don't even bother because in the end you want to listen to your inner voice and do what you feel like doing. No matter what anyone says about this your truth is the only way. You deserve to be honest with yourself and other people deserve it too even if they think at the moment they do want to play the „nice game“ and also pretend to like you.

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