Billy Elliot (2010)

Billy Elliot
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Imdb rating: 7.6/10
Billy Elliot movie has a strong message. It will charge you on emotional level to open your eyes to be able to see the way you should pursue your own dreams and hopes. There are so many inspirational messages in this one.

About Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot Movie tells a story about a boy's life in a "macho" man world where things are supposed to be done accordingly to what the society says. Boys only become man if they play and learn things that are "for man" like boxing, fights, violence. Women are subordinate to man. This young boy doesn't give one thought about what they are telling him to do and does what he feels it's his love - and it's dancing.

inspirational message:

The Billy Elliot movie raises few questions within us:

First answer this question for yourself: „what did I wanted to be when I was a young boy/girl?“ Most of us when we were that age did some of extra activities like; tennis, basketball, learning languages and so on. Whatever it was, it was either very fulfilling for us or it was a pain in the ass to do it.

No matter how it felt for us, this decision of what we will do for extra activity was heavenly influenced by our parents, friends and just in general by environment around us.

Those of us who were fighting not to do this chosen extra activity is because it didn't feel exciting. It didn't feel right. Felt boring. And as kids we went with the feelings. We didn't fight them we used them as a direction pointer.

The feelings showed us what we needed to do in order to feel good. That was just until we got tired of fighting with our parents or anyone else in our environment and finally gave up fighting because we are depended on those people to feed us and clothe us. So we learn to feel powerless.

Most of us, we had to do what they said it was best for us or fight all the time. By the time we grew up we forgot that the feelings are our direction pointers and we got lost. We started to pretend we don't feel until we really got numb.

Some of us were lucky enough and had parents that understood this feeling things. They supported if we wanted to stop doing our activity and try something else until that good feeling was really kicking in on us.

Then after we found the thing we love to do we surrendered to it and try to get it to perfection. We enjoyed doing it until we wanted to do it, and after that no more.¬† Some of us have taken this thing and have made profession out of it. But others who stopped doing it got the great pattern to live by: „Find what you love and do it.

And if you get sick of it find other thing you love and do it.“ An that is the formula to be happy and blessed. Why we have forgotten it it's a whole other pair of cards but I found it again and it has been doing wonderful things for me personal.

Second is our fear that our loved ones will stop loving us if we do something they don't won't us to be doing.

Like Billie in this movie loved dancing but his „macho“ father and brother tried to stopped his dancing carrier in any way they could. Well, to fight for your right can be very painful because we all want to fit in with our loved ones.

The truth is if they really knew better they would let us be. And we came to this world choosing our families  and choosing to learn things. Most of us are learning what we love by first learning what is it we don't love.

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