A Beautiful Mind (2001)

A beautiful mind
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A Beautiful Mind is a movie about the importance of enjoying every day of life, and not getting caught up in ridiculous theories or fantasies for a future that may never be.

About A Beautiful Mind; Russell Crowe

Movie tells a story about a life of a great mathematician scientist and a professor John Nash. He is smart, considered a genius, but on the other hand he has a very serious mind illness called schizophrenia. His life becomes complicated after he can't distinguish reality from illusion that his mind created.

Inspirational message:

John has been mind washed during the schooling with ideas of distinguishing himself from others in a sense of being very important in his field, like Einstein for example. Since the day he became a professor he did things differently than his colleagues. He considered himself better than the rest.

While his colleagues attended classes and published papers, John was stuck in his head thinking how to move the boundaries. How to accomplish something nobody did before. This left him behind with his work while his colleagues actually did what they were expected to do. John couldn't bear the fact anybody could do better then him and he started to imagine he was very important person working for the secret government tasks.

This character is so focused on himself and his success that he can't think about anything and anyone else. Not even his wife or his child who he almost killed.

We see this state in us and so many people around us. People pretend to be happy for somebody's achievements but they just care about their own, separating themselves from other people. By thinking we and our time is better and more important than others we make our life hell. How? Keep reading and you'll find out.

John's favorite line in the beginning of the movie is: „I do not like people, and people do not like me.“ John has a disease called schizophrenia in the movie. But the disease can also be called – Closed Mind. This is very serious disease when you think only of yourself in that degree your problems become so seriously taken that it stresses you and depresses you.

The name of the movie "A beautiful Mind" is actually very true. A mind is truly beautiful in a sense it is very powerful. Open and humble mind works miracles. But closed „know it all“ mind is very dangerous.

Remember, closed mind is not a disease it is a choice. This is proven in the movie when John is about to get his medical treatment and he rejects it because now he understands he's been closed minded and he finally starts to realize where the problem lies.

Later on he get's better, he gains his old job back, he even starts lecturing students. Students are really fond of him, and the question is what happened with his line: people don't like me. That was all in his head and created by it.

At the end of the movie he admits: „I am crazy. I still see things that are not there. I just choose not to indulge certain appetites.“ But who get's to decide what is logical and reasonable?

While accepting the Nobel prize he admits what is the  most important discovery in his life:“ It is only mysterious equations of love that any logic or reason can be found.“

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